Elizabeth and Andrew were interviewed by Coming Soon.Net about One and Two and you can read parts with Elizabeth here on the site! CS: How did the two of you meet for the first time? Andrew Droz Palermo: Skype! Elizabeth Reaser: Yeah, we met on Skype. Which is weirdly intimate in a weird way. I’m […]

Elizabeth gave multiple interviews at the SXSW Film Festival one she did was with the director of One and Two Andrew. You can read the questions and listen to their responses here. The other two interviews you can see below! I have also added another photo of Elizabeth at the festival which you can see […]

According to TV Line Elizabeth has joined the cast of Mad Men! When does the final season of Mad Men start? Any scoops? –Kathi The acclaimed AMC drama launches its very final, seven-episode salvo on April 5. And having seen the season premiere — and after consulting the list of things we have been asked […]

Hi everyone! You can now buy your tickets to see One and Two at the Berlin International Film Festival! To get your tickets go to the One and Two page here and click one of the dates with the ticket symbol to the right of the page. Be sure to keep checking the page as […]

I have added new pictures of Elizabeth to the gallery including the first picture of her in One and Two which you can see here!

Liberal Arts is going to be released on DVD in France under the title Love And Other Lessons! The DVD will come out on February 3! To keep up to date on news for the DVD be sure to like their Facebook page here! Post by Love And Other Lessons.

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and new year! ♥ First I want to let you know that Hello, My Name is Dorris will premiere at SXSW this year! You can sign up to get your movie badge here! Also I came across this old behind the scenes picture with Elizabeth […]

I have added a magazine scan with Elizabeth in it to the gallery! The magazine article is talking about the Twilight short films that will be released in 2015 on Facebook. Elizabeth’s co-star from The Money Shot posted this picture of Elizabeth and the cast in the dressing room and you can see the picture […]

A video of Elizabeth in The Money Shot has been released and you can watch it here on the site! I love this video and have watched it like 5 times! I wish I could see the play! What do you think of the video?

The Money Shot‘s opening was last night and you can see pictures and video from it! You see Elizabeth in the video around 4:43. I have also added more photos from the play and some of Elizabeth’s new Instagram photos! The site now has a new affiliates which are Admiring Dakota Fanning (Elizabeth’s Twilight co-star) […]