I have added Elizabeth’s newest Instagram photos to the gallery so be sure you look at them!

The site now has a new elite affiliate and it’s Grey’s Anatomy Fan! Be sure you check out the site if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan! Do you remember Elizabeth being on the show? :)

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Today is a big day because today the site is 7 years old! Can you believe it?! Getting the opertunity to work on the site all those years ago has been great! If you have been visiting the site since it opened I thank you! ♥

The trailer for One and Two has been released so be sure you watch it! The movie will be released in the US on August 14th in theaters, VOD, and digital download!

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I have added Elizabeth’s most recent Instagram and Twitter photos to the gallery so be sure to look at them in the gallery!

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Hi everyone! As you know today (July 2nd) is Elizabeth’s 40th birthday! Be sure you go to her Twitter account and send her a birthday message!

Also check out this video from Elizabeth’s fellow fan Vivi which has birthday messages to her!

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Thanks to Claudia for letting me know that Elizabeth gave a interview to The New York Times! A picture of Elizabeth also comes with the interview and you can see it here! I’ve also added some of Elizabeth’s new Instagram photos which you can take a look at here.

Elizabeth Reaser sat down carefully.

“My tailbone is a little sore,” she said last month, settling into a corner table at the restaurant I Sodi, a few steps down from the Lucille Lortel Theater on Christopher Street, where she’s starring in “Permission,” a play by Robert Askins.

“Some scenes we wear these butt pads,” said Ms. Reaser, who is perhaps best known for roles in the “Twilight” films and on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and as the girlfriend of Josh Charles’s character on “The Good Wife.” “But I don’t have one on in the final scene, and I’m really getting whipped.

“Funnily enough, it doesn’t bother me. I guess I’m twisted enough that because my character loves it so much, I’ve convinced myself at that point in the play that I love it, too.”

Being cast in sexualized roles is something of a new thing for Ms. Reaser. She got a crash course when she played the troubled object of Don Draper’s obsession in the final episodes of “Mad Men”: a waitress who goes pelvis to pelvis with Don in an alleyway, straightens her mussed hair and heads back inside the diner to finish her shift.

“When I was younger, I never got parts like that,” said Ms. Reaser, who is 39. “It’s interesting when someone is casting a play about spanking and S&M and being whipped with a belt, and they think of you. I’m weirdly flattered by that.”

She would be even more flattered if this translated into an indecent proposal or two. “There’s someone in my life, but that being said, I feel that with this play I should be getting some hot action,” she said. “I feel I should be getting dates or calls after my display onstage. So far there’s been nothing.”

Ms. Reaser, who grew up in suburban Detroit and attended parochial school, seems a very game sort. Or maybe that’s what comes from playing an uninhibited character eight times a week. In any case, she gave admirably thoughtful consideration to a question about the comparative kissing skills of Mr. Charles and Jon Hamm, who played Don Draper.

“You’re catching me postshow,” she said. “My makeout with Josh would have been much sexier if I hadn’t had a cold. I’m sure he wasn’t appreciating my being sick, but he was very sweet about it. With Jon, it was like stepping into a fantasy. It was everything I imagined kissing Don Draper would be.

“What would be great would be a threesome with Will Gardner and Don Draper. That would be the dream.”

A few minutes later, Ms. Reaser revised the dream, apparently after recalling another role as Matthew McConaughey’s love interest on the HBO show “True Detective.” “Matthew would be a great addition to the threesome,” she said.

Dinner came (fried artichokes, pepper pasta and a glass of red wine), and Ms. Reaser dived in. “I’ll be 40 this summer, but I’m telling everyone I’m 40 now,” she said. “It’s sort of my ‘the hell with you.’ I’m loving getting older.

“As an actress, you’re so desperate and sad and tragic and dying for a job, and no one will give you a job unless you’re pretty and thin, and you try to be pretty and thin.” (For the record, Ms. Reaser, who was wearing a low-cut black dress, looked pretty and thin.) “And then suddenly you say, ‘I just don’t give a damn.’ It’s given me this new lease on life.

“I can only attribute that to being 40. You spend all this time being nice and sweet when you’re an ingénue, and, you know, that gets kind of old.”

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Hi everyone! One and Two is going to have its UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival! Go here to book your tickets!

Hopefully we will find out about a US premiere soon! If you have had a chance to see the movie please leave a comment here and tell me what you thought! ♥

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Elizabeth was on NBC New York yesterday so be sure to watch the interview here on the site!

Thanks to @franklinshepard I have added more photos of Elizabeth at the Lucille Lortel Awards so be sure to look at them!

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I have added more photos of Elizabeth at the Permission play so be sure to take a look in the gallery! Be sure to look at the poster here!

Elizabeth was on the Spontaneanation Podcast and you can see pictures from her interview here and listen to it below!

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Permission‘s opening night was on the 18th and I have added pictures to the gallery so be sure to check them out!

A video of the cast in the play has also come out so be sure to watch it!

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Thanks to Variety we know that One and Two has been bought by IFC Midnight! Hopefully we will get to see the movie soon! :)

IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. rights to Andrew Droz Palermo’s supernatural mystery “One and Two,” starring Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men”), Timothee Chalamet, Grant Bowler and Elizabeth Reaser.

The deal was negotiated with WME Global on behalf of the filmmakers. Protagonist Pictures is handling international sales at Cannes.

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