Elizabeth is going to be in the play The Money Shot! You can read a synopsis of the play below!

In The Money Shot, Karen (Reaser) and Steve (Weller) are glamorous movie stars with one thing in common: desperation. It’s been years since either one’s had a hit, but the latest movie by a hot shot European director could change that. The night before filming a big scene (that seems destined to assure them a spot back on the pop culture radar), Karen, her partner Bev (Thorne), Steve, and his aspiring actress wife Missy (Crovatin) meet in order to make an important decision: how far will they let themselves go to keep from slipping further down the Hollywood food chain?

The official play opening is set for September 22 and it is scheduled to continue until October 12! You can buy your tickets now at MCC Theater’s website!

Congratulations Elizabeth!!! :)

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Today is another special day because today (July 22) is the fansites 6th birthday!

I remember first starting to work on the fansite all those years ago and it doesn’t seem like it has been 6 years! My website skills have got a lot better over the years and I have also learned more!

In honor of the fansites birthday here is a old Breaking Dawn – Part 2 interview with Nikki and Elizabeth that I don’t think was never posted!

The site now has new affiliates so please welcome The Grey’s Anatomy Fan Forum, The Twilight Saga Fan Forum, and Keri Russell Source!

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Hi everyone! I wanted to make a post to let you know about a great website that I am a staff member on: It is called If I Stay Movie Network!

The site is very special to me since If I Stay has been a movie I’ve been looking forward to since I found out it was happening (I read the book sometime after Christmas 2010)!

Please visit the site by clicking the picture and watch the trailer below!


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Elizabeth I hope you have a fantastic birthday today (July 2nd) with family and friends! It has been a pleasure to run this fansite and I hope if you’ve seen it you like it! Have a great one!

By the way: I hope you liked the flowers from me and my friend Claudia (@Claudysp) that were sent to the theater! :)

This year I decided to get fellow fans involved in sending you birthday messages and you can read them all below! Be sure to double click the images to see them in full size! I hope you enjoy all the messages!

messages 1

messages 2

messages 3

messages 4

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Elizabeth went to The Public Theater’s Opening Night of Much Ado About Nothing and you can see pictures in the gallery! :)

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Elizabeth’s birthday is coming up on July 2 and I have decided to do a little birthday project for her! I have decided to get birthday messages from fans to put together and post on the site! (No pictures or videos will go with it just messages)!

Once it’s Elizabeth’s birthday I will Tweet a link to the birthday messages to her. You can also Tweet the link to her to spread the word! If I do not get at least 10 messages I will end up not doing this though!


1. You have until Saturday June, 28 (Central time) to send your message.
2. You can either send me your message in the comments of this post or email it to me.
3. Be sure to include your name and state/country you’re in.

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I have added more pictures of Elizabeth to the gallery! Two photos are additions from a old photoshoot and the others are photos from the Bay Street Theater Benefit After Party on May 12!

I have also added a new photo of Elizabeth in Conviction and a photo of Elizabeth from a unknown photoshoot!

A review of Conviction has been released by East Hampton Star and mentions Elizabeth a few times and you can see those snippets below!

Tom’s wife Leigh, played by the wonderful Sarah Paulson, has held together hearth and family, in the person of their son, Nicholas, portrayed by an excellent young talent, Daniel Burns, as best she can while Tom is away in prison. She has been supported by Bruce and Jayne Wagner, their best friends, played by another talented duo, Brian Hutchison and Elizabeth Reasor.

Ms. Reasor, who is a fine actress, has a tough assignment (are there any easy ones here?). Because Jayne is the only character with a sense of sureness, she is frequently the driving force onstage.

Thank you Claudia for the tip!

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Stills of Elizabeth in Conviction have been added to the gallery so be sure to check them out! Have any of you seen the play? If so be sure to leave your comments in this post!

I have also added some of Elizabeth’s new Instagram photos! Be sure to go to her page to see a cute video she posted of Sarah singing along to the song Wild One!

I have also added two new fan photos to the gallery so be sure to check them out here! :)

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Elizabeth was pictured with the cast of Conviction at a rehearsal! Be sure to look at them!

Elizabeth also went to the Bay Street Theater Benefit on May 12 and you can see pictures from that as well!

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Thanks to Claudia I have added screencaps of Elizabeth in Stay and Sweet Land! Be sure to check them out!