Elizabeth gave multiple interviews at the SXSW Film Festival one she did was with the director of One and Two Andrew. You can read the questions and listen to their responses here. The other two interviews you can see below! I have also added another photo of Elizabeth at the festival which you can see […]

A video of Elizabeth in The Money Shot has been released and you can watch it here on the site! I love this video and have watched it like 5 times! I wish I could see the play! What do you think of the video?

The Money Shot‘s opening was last night and you can see pictures and video from it! You see Elizabeth in the video around 4:43. I have also added more photos from the play and some of Elizabeth’s new Instagram photos! The site now has a new affiliates which are Admiring Dakota Fanning (Elizabeth’s Twilight co-star) […]

A video has been released of The Money Shot cast talking about the play! Be sure to check it out! Theater Mania has posted a review of the play and also says good things about Elizabeth! Reaser was sent into the trenches with only two weeks of rehearsal as an unexpected replacement. Yet, even with […]

Today is another special day because today (July 22) is the fansites 6th birthday! I remember first starting to work on the fansite all those years ago and it doesn’t seem like it has been 6 years! My website skills have got a lot better over the years and I have also learned more! In […]

I have added new stills of Elizabeth in Bonnie and Clyde which you can see here in the gallery! Don’t forget to watch part 1 of the show this Sunday night on A&E, Lifetime and History! I have also added new Instagram photos of Elizabeth’s to the gallery here! A behind the scenes video of […]

History’s official Bonnie and Clyde website posted a video of her talking about her character PJ Lane and you can watch it below! I’ve added new pictures from Elizabeth’s Instagram so be sure to check them out!

A trailer for Bonnie and Clyde has come out and you can see it below! Sadly Elizabeth is not in it but I have added stills of her on the show and you can see them here! Claudia has been kind enough to send screencaps of Elizabeth in Puccini for Beginners and Against the Current […]

The True Detective trailer has come out and you can watch it below! Sadly Elizabeth is not in it. Bonnie and Clyde has a release date of December 8th at 9/8 Central on A&E, Lifetime and History! I’m excited to see Elizabeth in a new project!