Thanks to Claudia for letting me know that Elizabeth gave a interview to The New York Times! A picture of Elizabeth also comes with the interview and you can see it here! I’ve also added some of Elizabeth’s new Instagram photos which you can take a look at here. Elizabeth Reaser sat down carefully. “My […]

Elizabeth gave two interviews talking about Mad Men and you can read the first one here and the second one here on the site from! I’m so surprised that Matthew Weiner has brought you in, this major character, so close to the end. What I love about his writing, I think he’s just such […]

Elizabeth was interviewed by New York Daily News and you can read the interview here on the site! She did in with Don Draper in an alley. Now actress Elizabeth Reaser is getting ready to be spanked. That goes with her role Off-Broadway in “Permission.” “It’s very ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ But it’s based on […]

Elizabeth and Andrew were interviewed by Coming Soon.Net about One and Two and you can read parts with Elizabeth here on the site! CS: How did the two of you meet for the first time? Andrew Droz Palermo: Skype! Elizabeth Reaser: Yeah, we met on Skype. Which is weirdly intimate in a weird way. I’m […]

Elizabeth gave multiple interviews at the SXSW Film Festival one she did was with the director of One and Two Andrew. You can read the questions and listen to their responses here. The other two interviews you can see below! I have also added another photo of Elizabeth at the festival which you can see […]

Elizabeth did a interview with Theater Mania.Com about The Money Shot! She also talks about her love of theater and other plays she would like to do. What was it like to come into a brand-new play like The Money Shot two weeks into rehearsals? It was very, very intimidating coming in under those circumstances. […]

Thanks to Claudia for letting me know Elizabeth went to the A.C.O.D Premiere on the 26th! Elizabeth also did a quick Q&A with Kotur which you can read here!